12.31 » Time Warped NYE 時光扭曲跨年晚會 @ Grand Hyatt 台北君悅大飯店


Time flies, especially when you’re having a great time, which partially explains why our NYE party felt like such a quick blur. Well it also helps when the first 2 hours are open bar and there’s no need to waste time senslessly queing for elevators that seem to take forever. Happy 2016 everyone and we thank you for kicking it off with us in grand style.

時光飛逤真不是只說說而已. 當你尤其是在享受沉迷在氣氛的其中, 時間更是我們完全不可能拿捏的. 跨年夜派對我們就直接先來個2個小時的暢飲, 一點都不浪費時間! 當許多人都還在排隊等電梯/ 手扶梯時, 我們這裡已經party high到不行了! 真心祝福大家2016年快樂並謝謝您與我們一起度過這煙花滿散的一晚!