7/18 » Oasis Pool Party 涼夏泳池派對 2016, Episode II @ Grand Hyatt Pool 台北君悅大飯店


Episode II sure lived up to it’s expectations of being an EPIC follow-up to the record breaking attendance of the first kickoff party! The weather was absolutely scorching only to be out-hotted by the abundance of beautiful people poolside. Only 2 more pool parties left in 2016, with the 8/13 one being invite only! Stay tuned to www.facebook.com/liquidlifestyle for more info on how you can snag yourself some of the limited invites!

Oasis泳池派對第二擊只能說天公真作美, 祂讓我們這一群的好人開開心心的度過了沒有雷雨, 閃電的一天! 看看這些艷麗的照片, 真是讓我們迫不及待的期待下一場的Oasis! 2016 今夏還剩下兩場 (8/13 & 9/3)… 而8/13是一場特別的私人派對呦! 請關注一下 www.facebook.com/liquidlifestyle 我們會近期通告將如何取得超級限量的邀請函囉!!!!!